Technicolor New Jewels

Technicolor New Jewels

Posted by Margaret Thurman on Dec 23rd 2019

This week's email blast was all about COLOR! Join our mailing list to get a preview of our latest offerings....

Goodie Gumdrop Pendant SS Chain ND1259R $560

Goodie Gumdrop Wire Earring ED1084R $470

Amethyst Carved Andean Opal Chrysacolla Druzy 1 Strand Amethyst Necklace ND1263R $440

Mesh Bracelet Large Opal Aquamarine Tourmaline Peridot, Other Colors Available BD939R $1100

Turquoise Azurite Chrysacolla Bracelet BD387R $620

Yellow Jade Flower Turquoise Peridot Pearl 1 Strand Turquoise Chain Necklace ND1184R $260

Jade Flower Turquoise Peridot Green Pearl Earring ED952R $296

Large Round Peridot Blue Topaz Ring, Multiple Sizes Available RD983R $298

Blue Enamel Turtle Blue Topaz Pearl Ring, Sizes 7 & 8 RM313R $210

Porcelain Flower Horseshoe Mabe Pearl Blue Topaz Peridot 2 Strand Pearl Beaded Chain Tassle Necklace NM229R $730

Oval Faceted Amethyst Chalcedony Azurite Bracelet BD920R $556

Chalcedony Amethyst Andean Opal Drop Post Earring ED1090R $280

Amethyst Pearl White Jade Leaf Druzy SS Swirl P/P DPP43R $698

Pear Shape Etched MOP White Topaz 22” Sterling Woven Chain ND1264R $320

Etched Mother of Pearl White Topaz Drop Clip Earring EM415R $240

Bar Pearl White Topaz Drop Wire Earring ED940LR $130

Bar Pearl White Topaz Drop Wire Earring ED940R $120

White Topaz Asymmetrical Pearl Ring RD627R $230

Small Vintage Filligree White Topaz 1 Strand Pearl Chain Necklace NM359R $298

Vintage Filligre Pearl White Topaz Bracelet BM377R $328

Vintage Filligree White Topaz Pearl Wire Earring EM416R $158

Black Riverrock with Drop 1 Strand Pearl Necklace ND1237R $272

Small Black Riverrock Pearl Earrings Post ED856R $88

Black River Rock Pearl Ring, Multiple Sizes RD691R $98

Small Black River Rock Pearl Ring, Multiple Sizes RD691AR $80

Small Black River Rock Ring, Multiple Sizes RD681R $92

Amour Ring Adjustable, Multiple Sizes Available RM322R $98

Amethyst Stalagtite Picasso Jasper SS Chain Necklace ND1220R $738

Turquoise Abalone Rectangle Bracelet BD933R $448

Square Turquoise Abalone Dangle Clip Earring ED1087R $220

Azurite Peridot Clip Earring ED1088R $240

Small Kyanite Aquamarine Blue Topaz 1 Strand Lapis Chain Necklace ND1262E $280