New Jewels!

New Jewels!

Posted by Margaret Thurman on Dec 23rd 2019

So exciting! The latest works from our studio... 

If you see something you'd like, call or email us at (928) 282-1559, or to check availability and place your order! 

Large Double Opal Amethyst Green Tourmaline Blue Topaz Ring Size 8 1/2 RD1004R $560

Chrysacolla Druzy Tourmaline Green Moonstone 1 Strand Amazonite Green Tourmaline Necklace ND1245R $680

Peridot Imperial Jasper Drop Post Earring ED974R $380

Vintage Bamboo Satsuma Tourmaline 4 Strand Tourmaline Peridot Pearl Necklace NM354R $580

Vintage Satsuma Tourmaline Ring Size 7 RM295R $380

Green MOP Peridot Pearl Post Earring ED853R $220

Yellow Turquoise Tourmaline Peridot Ring Size 8 3/4 RD978R $290

Green Pearl Peridot Lemon Topaz Twig Post Earring ED1016R $248

Green Tourmilated Quartz Peridot Chalcedony 2 Strand Amethyst Chain Necklace ND1154R $660

Large Psilomelane Druzy Pearl Cuff BD720R $730

Luna Agate Druzy Tourmaline Peridot 1 Strand Pink Pearl Necklace ND1163R $560

Green Turquoise Peridot Post Earring ED1044R $284

Green Turquoise Fire Opal Ring Size 7 3/4 RD958R $420

Silver & Bronze Flower Locket NDL5R $360

Butterfly Locket Pink Tourmaline NDL14R $220

Amour Locket Pearl White Topaz NDL12R $248

Angel In The Branches Locket NDL3R $360