Bright and Beautiful New Jewels

Bright and Beautiful New Jewels

Posted by Margaret Thurman on Jan 22nd 2020

Bumblebee Jasper Citrine 1 Strand Amber Necklace

ND1227R $576

Bumblebee Jasper Earring Wire

ED893R $220

Bumble Bee Jasper Citrine Ring

Size 7 1/2

RD1007R $276

Extra Large Amber Green Turquoise Peridot Bracelet

BD980R $880

Double Side Carved MOP Birds & Vines 1 Strand Rutilated Quartz Necklace

NM328R $690

Spotted Jasper Copper Pearl Peridot Post Earring

ED1181R $256

Cobalto Calcite Pink Tourmaline Ring Size 8 1/2

RD739AR $480

Watermelon & Pink Tourmaline Ring Size 6 3/4

RD956R $440

Vintage Turquoise Inlay Orthoceras Fossil Pendant on 20” Handmade Sterling Chain with 2” Extender

ND1293R $580

Asymmetrical Turquoise Blue Topaz Clip Earring

ED1151R $370

Round Chalcedony Blue Topaz Ring

Multiple Sizes Available

RD937AR $190

Round Amazonite Peridot Blue Topaz Ring

Multiple Sizes Available

RD948AR $190

Vintage Micro Mosaic Blue Topaz Pearl 2 Strand Apatite Necklace

NM353R $540

Swallow White Topaz 1 Strand 18” Pearl Chain

NM371R $278

Silver Pearl White Topaz Post Earring

ED1118R $170

Large Stalagtite Turquoise Citrine Carnelian Bracelet

BD972R $640

Vintage Monkey Coin Blue Topaz Large Faceted Chalcedony Blue Topaz Necklace

ND1298R $630

Asymmetrical Ocean Jasper Phrenite Lemon Topaz Peridot Clip Earring

ED1143R $298

Asymmetrical MOP Butterfly Rhodocrosite

White Topaz Earring

Clip or Post

ED969R $440

MOP Butterfly Rhodochrosite White Topaz Pearl Sterling Chain

ND1204R $428

MOP Butterfly Rhodocrosite Tourmilated Quartz Pearl Bracelet

BD878R $460

MOP Butterfly Rhodochrosite White Topaz Pearl Ring

Size 8



Carved Cat Carnelian Smokey Topaz Ring Size 8

RD690R $250

Asymmetrical Carved Lapis Amazonite Amethyst Chrome Diopside Post Earring

ED1150R $380

Charcoal Crystal Cluster Blue Topaz Green Tourmaline Ring Size 8

RD990R $390

Vintage Jet Cameo Swarovski 3 Strand Onyx GF Chain

NM370R $680

3 Bar Pearl White Topaz Ring - Multiple Sizes Available

RD685R $220

Bar Pearl 2 White Topaz Ring 9 1/4

RD1010R $156